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Frequently Asked Questions




Is there a part of your life you’d dearly like to improve? Most of the time, we accept that since issues often feel insurmountable, unlikely to change, and exhausting to consider facing, why bother? I believe it is deeply worth your time to bother about it—simply because it is absolutely possible to transform your life. 


Give yourself the opportunity to become abundant with resources to support your life in a way that you may not have experienced before: with the power of your subconscious mind. So many people have used hypnotherapy to successfully transform their lives in a meaningful way. You can allow yourself to become who you are meant to be: more aligned, healthy, confident, and full of love. Give yourself the opportunity to learn what Hypnotherapy is, and how it could change your life.








Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, where you are focused, relaxed, and can choose to connect to your inner wisdom. This state of awareness has been often misrepresented by the media and some people do not know its therapeutic benefit, or, that it is one of the most powerful self-help systems known to mankind. 


Hypnosis is not losing control, or having someone else control you. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is NOT possible for someone else to be in control of your mind. You are in charge of you. This incredible level of awareness cannot be reached unless a person chooses to allow themselves the gift of relaxation and hypnotic trance.  Have you ever cheered for a sports game, cried at the movies, or had a daydream…? If so, that’s called environmental hypnosis. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a way to utilize this state of mind to pursue your personal growth, emotional, relationship, wellness, or medical support goals. You choose to go into the state of hypnosis. If you are resisting the relaxation and potential positive benefits that may come from allowing that, you will not be in hypnosis at that moment because you simply do not desire it. 



Lopa N. Visaveliya, is a powerfully-trained and intuitive Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist here in North Jersey, Manhattan Metropolitan area, certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy, with over 500 hours of in-person training specifically in guiding hypnosis. She is also certified in Natal Regression and Past Life Regression which can be used for its benefits in your current life situation. These certificates are on display in her office and you can connect with the International Board of Hypnotherapy to verify her certification and ongoing continuing education credits in: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy, Natal Regression, and Past Life Regression. Beyond all this, she is a powerful intuitive guide in the inner world of subconscious healing. This is an innate gift that cannot be taught, but is simply present. 



When searching for a hypnosis practitioner, be aware that not all hypnotherapists have the same level of training. Many have only learned about hypnosis online, or in a weekend course, or a week long intensive. In my opinion, this is not enough time to become adequately versed in the technical skill of guiding and managing the hypnotic state for a client, considering that the mind is your most powerful organ that impacts every other external and internal function of the entire body and life in a visceral way. Human services are best served by practitioners who have done course-work in person, and who have been coached and guided while doing practical skills training in person and in detail. Hypnotherapy is not a sport, a hobby or a type of entertainment. It has been shown to have life-changing impact scientifically, emotionally, and mentally for clients from all stages of life. Clients come in to resolve, evolve or transform issues in their life that may be distressing, damaging, debilitating on multiple levels: emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual or physical, and they are worthy of a practitioner who is specifically trained to address their issues from multiple vantage points and with more than adequate training. If your hypnotherapist also provides Natal and Past Life Regression services, be sure that they have certification in this matter as well. 


Lopa sees clients who want to uplevel their life in a profound, transformative, and self-directed manner, using Integral Hypnotherapy techniques. This includes women, men, and human souls looking to expand their soul alignment on this planet. 


Our life is a reflection of our mind. If our mind is fearful, hesitant, or stressed, our life, body and ideas will reflect that neglected garden.  When our mind is full of self-love, acceptance, and alignment with ourselves, our life will start to blossom and grow the seeds of confidence and inner strength that were always there, buried under the weeds. Your life viscerally reflects whether there are draining weeds or uplifting flowers growing in your mind. Limiting and negative beliefs need to be cleared from our mind first, so that positive and empowering beliefs can be programmed and have space to take root. This process works exceptionally well at the subconscious level of awareness. Our emotions, behaviors, and results in life innately reflect our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world and reveal the subconscious programming that is the foundation of those beliefs. Your mind is your most powerful organ; what you think about, you bring about. 


What you are not aware of consciously, is what is operating at the subconscious level of awareness of the mind. If you knew why you were self-sabotaging your goal of eating in self-respecting, healthy and consistent manner, wouldn't you have stopped the self-sabotage already? The reason we are not consciously aware of why we often do things in a certain way is because that awareness is not located in the conscious mind. You can only access that awareness, knowing, and clarity from the subconscious mind. You can read the testimonials to hear more about how people gained clarity and awareness and were able to make actionable changes in their life by utilizing the subconscious mind for its properties of being a tool for deep self-healing and positive potential by using Hypnotherapy. 



Hypnotherapy is one of the six ways to re-program the subconscious mind.  It is one of the ways that a human being can be the protagonist in his or her own life and direct its potential in a unique and powerful way. The other ways to reprogram the subconscious mind include: Repetition, Authority Figures, Peer Groups, High Emotion, Saying Yes to a Belief, and Meditation/Prayer. You can learn more about all this from the recording of my "How Hypnotherapy Gets Results" Masterclass, which is available with my Audio Activation Bundle as a bonus. 


Hypnotherapy empowers you to utilize your subconscious mind to its fullest potential.  Your subconscious mind is in charge of 93% of your thoughts. Research shows that a well-trained Hypnotherapist can support you to re-program your own mind, to achieve your goals.  The National Institute of Health recently funded a study on Overactive Bladder Syndrome, where the techniques of Integral HypnotherapyTM were compared to drug therapy*. At 6 months, the results of the study showed that the hypnotherapy protocol results MATCHED drug therapy results. At 12 months, the study showed that clients who had medium to high response to hypnosis experienced beneficial results which SURPASSED drug therapy. Therefore the techniques of Integral HypnotherapyTM have now been proven scientifically effective. Hypnotherapy can impact the mind at multiple levels leading to the likely results of the positive programming (in this case, providing more comfort and control in the urinary system). *Integral HypnotherapyTM  is the hypnotherapy technique that Lopa N. Visaveliya is trained in. 


No. It's not magic, however the results often border upon miraculous. In self-healing and self-transformation--your desire for change, commitment to yourself, and willingness to do the work, will create your most powerful results, when coupled with a practitioner who is all in and 100% committed and believes in your goals for you as well. Hypnotherapy is a self-directed and clinically guided process that allows you to connect with your subconscious mind so that you can learn to change your own beliefs at the root of your emotions, behaviors and results. Hypnotherapy can change your instincts at the subconscious level so that you have more motivation for the goals you desire to achieve. It is a self-education tool, and you get out what you put in. Like nature, all processes take time, and focused action. 20% of the work is done in sessions, and 80% of the work is done at home with your home practice. However, many people do say that they feel incredibly different in an immeasurable positive way, and feel that their life is profoundly transformed after experiencing hypnotherapy, and practicing at home.


 Yes! Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind, with multiple beneficial characteristics. Self-Hypnosis is when you guide yourself into a state of hypnosis to do your home practice or to support yourself for any number of reasons. However, in an office setting when a Clinical Hypnotherapist (someone who is uniquely certified to guide you into and support you in eliciting the therapeutic benefit of hypnosis for a specific goal) guides you into the state of hypnosis, this is ALSO self-hypnosis because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis; this work is called Hypnotherapy--using the state of hypnosis, (also called a hypnotic trance) for the purpose of providing a therapeutic benefit. In the clinical setting, you do not have to worry about what to think about, imagine, or allow yourself to experience next, because the practitioner will be in dialogue with you the whole time and together you will create, complete and experience the Hypnotherapy Session. At home, you can record a personal meditation or affirmations audio for yourself to strengthen the new positive programming, or your practitioner may provide you with an audio. Then you simply find a comfortable, and undisturbed location to do your self-hypnosis by counting yourself into a deep state of relaxation to continue reinforcing the work you have done at your sessions. 


Using the practice of self-hypnosis many people have experienced: relief from migraines, an increase in confidence and motivation, feeling capable and prepared instead of nervous or extremely afraid, trusting themselves more and feeling more self-love and acceptance, heightened inner knowing and clairvoyance, powerful personal boundaries and ability to speak their truth. 


Many people say that with hypnosis, they viscerally strengthened their intuition, easily discovered their inner wisdom, became more decisive and clear about their goals, learned to embrace calm while surrounded by chaos, consciously re-wired their triggers so that they can stay anchored in a peaceful and capable state during challenging moments, welcomed forgiveness and emotional healing into their relationships, actionably moved past negative experiences and trauma that had been tying them to the past, learned to process heavy emotions and feel more in control, managed their perception of pain and discomfort, and accelerated healing for a multitude of health related goals such as—thyroid balancing, immune response, mobility and comfort in joints, comfortable childbirth, supporting autoimmune conditions, overactive bladder syndrome, weight loss, stress-reduction, etc. 

Pursuing clinical hypnotherapy can give you the chance to be free from the inner voice that criticizes, judges, or makes you feel like you can’t. It can clear your negative, and limiting beliefs, releasing you to make your own choices and take back your true inner strength.


Consultations are 35 minute phone interviews on average and are by invitation only. If you are not ready for deep, root level transformational work, I still have options for you and can direct you to them once you contact me directly, via the link at the bottom of this page. The consultation is an opportunity for us to select the aligned option for 1:1 work, if I can support you in your specific goal, and it is only for those who are serious about doing the inner work. This phone conversation is only offered to clients that are a good fit, once you have filled out the application to apply. 


To gain a deeper understanding of what is hypnotherapy and how it works, I highly recommend you read thoroughly through my website beforehand. Alternatively you can purchase an audio to experience the hypnosis, because information is not the same as experience.  I have the "How Hypnotherapy Gets Results" Masterclass as a bonus in the Audio Activation Bundle. If you join my email list, you can also download a free meditation to hear my voice. My Instagram page, has the most current energy of my work.  

Coming Soon: A reading list for the extremely curious! 


On the phone, I will share if hypnosis & multi-dimensional healing with me is a good fit for the goals you have in mind. We will go deep into the specific area of your life you'd like to uplevel or resolve. I will offer you a customized set of sessions and the payment options, and we will get your appointments scheduled. Paperwork will also be provided to you, and you'll fill it out & return it to me before our first sessions. 



If you are a hell yes for hypnosis and have a goal in mind that you'd like to achieve, the next step is to contact so that I can tap into the root of your desires to offer you a customized set of sessions!


When you submit the paperwork, is also the time to provide any doctor's note, etc, if it is applicable; I will let you know this during the consultation & scheduling! All of the pre-work is to ensure that starting with your first hypnosis session, you can simply focus on showing up for yourself, and being ready to step into your next level. 



I deeply value your time and commitment to your self-work.  This is why I have detailed options on how you can educate yourself with this unique modality, and why I choose to make myself available to you so that we can connect and relate, and feel if we are a good fit for each other.  The rapport and relationship we build throughout this process deeply impacts the work of Hypnotherapy. 




Hypnotherapy sessions are held virtually via Zoom.  I recommend relaxed attire. Refraining from caffeine prior to our session is a must. The initial session may be longer than your subsequent sessions, but each client is different. A session is about an hour and a half to two and half hours depending on the type of session and the goal. After a very brief initial conversation regarding the goal for the day, we do the induction which is allowing your body and mind to relax completely while you choose to go into hypnosis, so that we can work with the subconscious mind to do the work of Hypnotherapy. Many people experience hypnosis as peaceful, relaxing, easy, and 'better than sleep.' But Hypnosis is not sleep. People who experience hypnosis sometimes state that they are actually more aware and focused during hypnosis. After we have done the work of Hypnotherapy--in which we are in dialogue, processing emotions or relationships, sometimes you are doing your imagery while I am silent, or hearing your positive affirmations and anchoring them into your breath and voice--I will count up from 1 to 5 and you will come back to your normal state of being. Then we will debrief, talk about your experience, discuss your home practice, and confirm your next session.


Payment is due upfront, at the time of scheduling, in order to honor the offers given for your curated healing experience. This arrangement also sets up a powerful expectation for transformation in your subconscious mind, leading to more accelerated, deep, and permanent result possibilities. What we expect, tends to happen.  The energetic exchange here is a powerful collaboration of souls and not something that I take lightly at all. I am honored to be your guide in this work, and see you as a powerful, and whole, human soul. 


I DO NOT TAKE INSURANCE as payment because at the moment, clinical hypnotherapy is not covered. 

Pursuing hypnotherapy and multi-dimensional healing with me can give you the chance to be free from whatever it is that is holding you back from living your fullest, happiest, most vital self-expression in this life, on the levels of mind, body, soul, energy, and emotions. This is a holistically oriented modality and I intuitively weave all the elements together to create a powerful healing journey for you. 

What is the one thing in your life, that if it was changed, transformed, evolved, or resolved in a natural and safe way, would create a domino effect of pure positivity and upliftment in your life trajectory?


Contact me and see if we can work on that one thing. See if it is a suitable fit for Hypnotherapy. Because you are worthy of the opportunity to be your whole, true, self.  You are worthy of good things. You get to choose yourself first. Everything else stems from who you are being. 

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