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Audios Are Here for your at-home DIY healing experience! 

Audio Activation Bundle
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Higher heart hypnosis 
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If you would like me to select you a powerful set of 4 audios to start your self-transformation journey, click below to contact me and I will send you all the details. This is a great way to get the upgraded version of the Audio Activation Bundle tailored to your specific needs; it sometimes includes audios that are not otherwise available for individual sale, and completely new audios as well. 
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Feel the magic in the audio samples from Lotus of Love!
Pavitra पवित्र 
THE SACRED pregnancy frequencies

Pavitra, is the pure frequencies of sacred pregnancy for divine souls. 

• A set of 8 revolutionary self-hypnosis audios for you & your baby.

• For the women and parents that are here to birth the divine children of the future.


• Something like this has never been created before.


Trust me when I say these are going to be pure magic.

It's because they already are. 

Energetic Essence for the 8 audios. 

1. release fears, integrate peace; pain dilution 

2. navigating boundaries with confidence

3. nourishing & healing instincts, intake & environmental choices

4. anchor inner safety, love, & self-acceptance

5. create vision & activate the birth transformation

6. spiritual reconnection for mother & baby

7. release parental generational conditioning & anchor ancestral gifts

8. embodying trust in self, body & baby 

This is my gift to the children of the world. 


You have the chance to invest in your audios at their super-value introductory rate, and the opportunity to share your experiences with it, and receive updates to those audios for a life-time.


You will receive each audio as it is created in real-time. 

This serves you if you know you're going to want it, and would rather have it at this rate + the updates by investing early. 

Pre-Order to be in the second circle of the Creation Portal open now. 

Currently: only 15 spots available 

Currently: 4 out of 8 of the full audios are complete with manuals 

The Investment: $888

To hold your spot, DM on Instagram to see if it is a good fit. You can join my email-list from the pop up on the testimonials page. This is a curated group. The Investment will change in 2022 and when the collection is complete. 


If we are aligned to hold space together for this, I simply cannot wait!!!! 


Welcome, to the inner circle of the creation portal of  पवित्र PAVITRA. 

The pure frequencies of sacred pregnancy for divine souls. 

A set of 8 revolutionary self-hypnosis audios for you & your baby.

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Hip Hop Artist
Sneak peek:
Hip Hop Artist
navigating boundaries with confidence & grace
frequency of healthy eating, healthy environment, healthy mindset 
dissolving negative, limiting, generational, parental conditioning from layering on the new soul, while anchoring positive self-acceptance & ancestral gifts. 
freedom from anything that doesn't serve you, anchoring peace, serenity, & safety, creating a filter to let in only the most positive vibrations in alignment with the highest truth & divine plan for you and your child 
I promise it's going to be epic. Really good. Really beautiful. Really effective. Your favorite new self-love infusion frequencies ever. 
Hip Hop Artist

This frequency, when listened to by the parents, at any time before they conceive a child, during that time, and during the sacred pregnancy and portal of birth, will gift the arriving soul, frequencies of freedom, peace and sacred love.   

The frequency of freedom is the opportunity to be FREE of limiting and negative beliefs & negative subconscious inheritance, from the beginning. Anything that is not in alignment with your & your baby's highest alignment of truth, divinity, and highest consciousness in this lifetime.... you can clear it. 

You get to be connected to your innate inner peace, and remembrance that you are deeply and permanently divinely loved and safe. 

Nothing like this has ever been created before.

I’m not even creating it. 

I’m the scribe. The voice. The heart. The visionary. Who merely has the eyes and ears to receive it, and the passion and soul-fire to allow it to birth through me in a sanctuary of the utmost love, reverence and purity. 

Part of this birth portal is on Earth and part of it is Cosmic, and it’s exactly the trajectory between the two that is so important. 

The connection. The channel. The pillar of life-force frequency.

We will all be the instruments to receive these divine frequencies and ground them deep into the Earth. 


The doors are now open to be in this creation portal with me. Those of you who are called to join me, will get access to each of these revolutionary frequencies as they are created in real time, and you get to keep them forever + any updates I may make in the future.

Hip Hop Artist
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