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Providing TRANSFORMATIONAL Services for


Intuitive Divine Warriors





as defined by the Vedic texts of India, 

is a woman with the strength, courage and love

to protect, nurture, and blossom

an entire civilization and its life-affirming culture.

Purandhri was the name ascribed to a woman of this caliber. Women like this, fill the pages of India's history and tradition. 

Inspired by the thoughts and work of Pandurang Shashtri Athavale


"An arrow can only be shot

by pulling it backward.

So when life is dragging you

back with difficulties,

it means that it’s going to

launch you into something great.

So just focus, and keep aiming."



"Now is the time to live your ideal life." 

- Cousineau

I have always loved inspiring quotations and thoughts, so it seems fitting that I adore the art of hypnosis and subconscious alchemy, creating powerful imagery and writing positive affirmations for our multiple levels of being.


One of my goals this life, is to fully experience LIVING by what I love...

not just collecting a stack of "inspiring quotations."


  • 10+ years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator, inspired primarily by the Vedic approach to education and the Reggio Emilia approach


  • Worked continuously for 9 years as teacher for preschool, and elementary school, working extensively with children ages 2 to 10 

  • Extensive professional development in the education sector including Students & Professors Study Group to Reggio Emilia, Italy, and Visiting Educator at the Indus International School in Pune, India

Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, Carlow University,

graduated summa cum laude


PA Teacher Certification,

grades Pre-K to Fourth

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies & Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh


Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy:

300+ Classroom & Practical Hours

Certification in Medical Support Hypnotherapy:

Accelerating Healing & Pain Control

100+ Classroom & Practical Hours

Certification in Natal & Past Life Regression:

100+ Classroom & Practical Hours



Lopa is a naturally gifted intuitive divine channel and able to transcribe messages and insight from superconscious wisdom with ease and alacrity. She can clearly see the layers of her clients bodies (we have 5: physical, mental, emotional, energy, and spiritual) and take note of where the deepest blocks and focal points for alchemy reside.


Her imagery and innovative tools are channeled specifically to each client; no session is the same as the one for another. 


All of her work is touched by these innate skills that have been gifted to her through multiple lifetimes as a healer and shaman of the divine transformational arts. She brings the energy of sacred divine fire to all of her work, because we must submerge ourselves in that which we came from in order to allow our primordial truth and soul fire to emerge, reborn, revitalized, and resurrected from the accumulated debris. 


Her innate intuitive skills allow her to marry the levels of physical, conscious mind & superconscious wisdom, subconscious mind and emotional body, subtle energetic body & aura, and the soul flame. This takes her work far beyond, and profoundly more deep than even the most highly trained hypnosis practitioners.


The fragrance of this work stretches beyond lifetimes, both the past and the future, anchored deeply in the present lifetime. 

Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

As a certified Hypnotherapist and a graduate of Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Lopa's professional training and education ranks amongst top 5% of hypnotherapists in the U.S.

Scientific Basis for Hypnosis

Integral Hypnotherapy™ methodology



The National Institutes of Health in conjunction with the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health funded a three-year study of the Hypnotherapy Academy’s Integral Hypnotherapy™ methodology comparing it against the current standard drug therapy in the treatment of OAB (Overactive Bladder) which affects 17% of women in the United States.



Integral Hypnotherapy™ method was SCIENTIFICALLY shown to MATCH drug therapy results at 6 months. At 12 months, for those participants who had medium to high response to hypnosis, Integral Hypnotherapy™ results SURPASSED drug therapy. Let me reiterate: in this OAB study it was scientifically validated that the Integral Hypnotherapy™ method is comparable to drug therapy, and in some cases is superior. Therefore the Integral Hypnotherapy™ methods have now been scientifically proven to be effective.


The results of this study were presented at the American Urogynecologic Society Conference, in October 2018. 


As a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, I have been exclusively trained in the Integral Hypnotherapy™ methodology.  

Letter from me

Dear friends


Hi! I'm Lopa. My goal is to support women to live fully as their true selves, and to remind the future children of the world, of their infinite, intrinsic resources.


It starts with us. We as women, carry the seeds of the entire future. 


Since 2010 I have been working with children, as an Early Childhood Educator. I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education, PA Teaching Certificate, and a deep respect and fondness for the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy from Italy. My time in the classroom has been the source of some of my most cherished memories and moments of pure LIFE. I have always believed that children are born with an innate sense of knowing about the world, and incredible instincts. As an adult, my goal is to support children's self-knowledge and guide their development in such a way that they walk away feeling "I am capable. I am good enough. I am worthy." We all deserve to feel that way about our life. It's the whole point of being alive... to know that we have meaningful lives, and that we each have a gift and a purpose. 

I soon realized that I have another powerful vocation to offer the world as well. Combining my love for children, positive language and environments,  the zones of optimal development for each individual, I activated my skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy. This journey has been one of the most creative and fulfilling adventures I have ever had the privilege of being a part of--it truly reflects another dimension of my authentic self. My life has been touched in profound ways by the special people I have met along the way.


I use the method of Integral Hypnotherapy™ as the basis for my hypnosis approach. The Hypnotherapy Academy of America is currently the only program in the world to provide training in the Integral Hypnotherapy™ methodology, which has been scientifically proven to be effective. See sidebar for details on the scientifically rigorous study results.


This is in addition to the layers of subtle body work, Aura Soma bottles, aromatherapy, NLP, breathwork, intuitive and psychic gifts that I apply to each clients specific goals. People describe my intuitive insights and custom creations for them, as pure magic. I call on all the highest consciousness energies to support you in our work together with deep devotion to your highest alignment. .

It is my heartfelt passion that we all live from the root of who we are, and, in this life, BECOME who we are and beyond.  We are strong, capable, wise, kind, and loving human beings with the gift of life on this Earth. It is time to say good-bye to any limiting thoughts, and clothes of our own fears that may be holding you back from being all that you are. Your gifts, superpowers, and deeply innate wisdom is needed and desired by this world in its fullest form NOW. 


I do this work because it means something to me. Every woman deserves to live her life to her fullest. And, every child gets to know and be told: you are enough. Your presence is enough. Your unique soul frequency is a profound gift to this planet. 

With love and gratitude for the opportunity to support you in your fullest expansion of this life,

                  Lopa N. Visaveliya




M.Ed., CMS-CHt. 

Masters in Early Childhood Education

Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

Divine Psychic Channel & Multi-Dimensional Healer 

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Scientific study
Letter From Me
Blue Flowers

TRANSFORMATION for Women AND Families:

Hypnosis Alchemy
Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Would you like to wake up early in the morning? Do you have a habit you'd like to change? Is there a project that you're always talking about but have yet to actually accomplish? Hypnotherapy can support you in re-wiring your brain to support the goals YOU CHOOSE.


The secret to achieving your goal is letting go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  Once ALL OF YOU, including your subconscious mind, is on board with the belief that you are worthy of achieving your goal, you can go ahead and make it happen. So how do we communicate with your subconscious mind that you are worthy, or capable, or good enough to achieve your goal? That's where the techniques of Divine Fire Alchemy and Hypnosis come in.


If you're ready, it's time to change everything from the inside out.

*See Disclaimer Regarding Hypnotherapy Services 

Would you be interested in accelerating healing with Hypnotherapy? With documented permission from your medical provider to receive Hypnotherapy Services, I am happy to support you in achieving your wellness and health goals as an adjunct. 

Our body's natural instinct is to be in optimal form and function at all times. What if you could effectively tell your body:  "I support you. I trust you." and welcome natural processes of the body from a holistic mind-body level?

If you would like to SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH by aligning it to its optimal form and function, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can support you to get to the root of the issue.  


*See Disclaimer Regarding Hypnotherapy Services 


Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to a person's internal resources to assist him or her in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy, Lopa N. Visaveliya does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and her services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition. Medical Support Hypnotherapy is used only as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment. 

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