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Am I  a  good  fit  for  you ?

The people who will get the most out of working with me are the ones that are a hell yes for deep inner work. If you are ready do the inner work to clear the cobwebs, and start living life on your own terms, this is for you. If you are done playing victim, damsel in distress, somebody come save me, and are ready to recharge your solar plexus at the Central Cosmic Sun so to speak, by which I mean: the source of your own power, this is for you. If, you are ready to take your power back, and re-align to that new version of you, so that even when you're living by instinct, YOU STILL make the decision to keep your power and to do things that are in alignment with your truth, principles, wisdom, and highest version of self. This is for you. 


The work I do is not vanilla, and it's not for someone who wants to just try something out. I only do deep-dives for a reason. I profoundly know and believe that it is important to address the ancestral beliefs playing out in your life, the beliefs picked up from significant relationships, critical events and turning points in your life, the beliefs accepted or decided from your father and mother and the dynamic of their role in your life, the emotions and feelings clouding your truth from the goal you are here to achieve, and shedding the layers of limitation in the way of you being in your full and absolute alignment with your Self...and all of those are THE things I want to create a path for you to work through with hypnotherapy. I don't want to help you clear one thing out, only to have your subconscious mind replace one way of fulfilling a need in an unhealthy way, with ANOTHER unhealthy way of fulfilling that need--that is exhausting, ineffective, and not comprehensive enough in my opinion. I want to allow us the time, and opportunity to clear what doesn't belong, resource and integrate the new, and create anchors for you to step into deeper alignment with your truth, and I want to teach you the tools so that you can continue doing this work for yourself with independence, grace and self-assurance. 


When you do the work systematically with deep desire and full commitment, it will also create a moment of pivot, a momentum of change, and a powerful opportunity to RESET your current reality. This is the work I like to do. This is why I don't go for walks in the park, or a drive-by ice cream sundae, with hypnotherapy. If that's more your jam, then I am not the hypnotherapist for you, and that is totally fine. 


Some people are not looking for the deeply customized, integrated, and comprehensive service that I provide. Maybe you have already done this work through other modalities. Maybe you are not ready to see your truth and face it head on. But your subconscious will ALWAYS tell you the truth it knows at the time... so if working with me at Purandhri Hypnotherapy, is what lights you up, you'll know. Just check in with your heart and see. I only want to work with the people who feel fully aligned to me and my work, so I believe it's so important for you to follow your heart and do what's best for you, including when it's not the right fit for you. 


But, if you needed to re-align to your truth and inner wisdom YESTERDAY, and you're not willing to live one more day of your life as the older version of you, and you are ready to deeply and actionably let go of what no longer serves you... schedule your consult, and let's get cooking. Mmmm. Because it is time for freedom, alignment and ease. And my dear, you don't even KNOW the half of it.... You were BORN to be healthy, powerful, full of vitality, and at ease. Your body, mind and heart's natural state is to be at ease, connected to love, and full of confident presence. Because you were born to be you. And if you are not acting as you, it is because you may be holding onto a belief, that is a vibrational anchor in your body that is stopping you from being who you really are. A part of you may believe it's not safe to be fully you. If you are READY to just BE who you are now, and own it, with ease, simplicity and true inner strength... and let everything else go... I welcome you to Purandhri Hypnotherapy. This is where we re-member who you are. 

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