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"I am a private practice Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in mental health care.  It is important for me to recommend only the most skilled hypnotherapist for my patients. I have worked in collaboration with Lopa on several intensive hypnotherapy sessions and I feel confident that she has the skills and experience needed to provide excellent services to the client. I highly recommend Lopa to providers and clinicians who are considering a patient referral for medical support hypnotherapy. 


She is an excellent professional who is very sensitive to the needs of individual patients and she has the gift of developing a profound rapport with clients." 

With gratitude, 



LOPA N. VISAVELIYA is certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy, known for their high ethical standards and rigorous qualification requirements. More Information at:

Client Highlights :

"I had spent years not being able to peacefully and happily transition from seasons. Whenever the seasons would begin to change, I would feel so depressed and weary.


That was soon to all change; after one session with Lopa and a few days of self-hypnosis, I was embracing and appreciating all of the seasons as well as the accompanying weather changes! During the first session in hypnosis, I remember saying..."I love the rain." Hearing those words coming out of my mouth immediately woke me up to my conscious mind, surprised to feel a smile on my face with a sense of peace and excitement knowing that my mind had begun to run on a new program, because I had never loved the rain before!


It’s now been a year since my hypnotherapy work with Lopa, and I am thrilled to say that this new transformation in me has sustained through every seasonal transition! Lopa is calm, soothing and highly intuitive; reaching out to her was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. She's helped me change my life and I am eternally grateful.


If you’re looking to make a significant change in your life, I highly recommend Lopa!"


"As a physician, I have explored many different modalities of therapy for past trauma, whether major trauma, or more minor trauma, such as difficult family dynamics and self-esteem challenges.  All these various forms of psychotherapy have played a role in improving my outlook and conscious views on these challenges. 


However, it was not until I began hypnotherapy with Lopa that I truly felt the shift that I had been longing for, for so many years. I came to hypnotherapy, not as a true believer, but as someone who is willing to try anything that might help. I am so thankful I did. 


Since the beginning hypnotherapy with Lopa, I feel a distinct change in my daily experience. My entire perspective is shifting, because I am doing the work that addresses the iceberg beneath the surface (the subconscious self) as opposed to hammering away at the tip that is above the water (the conscious self) and expecting change. 


I feel ownership of this change, and am just thankful to have Lopa as a guide.  She is an amazing practitioner - with a rare combination of intelligence, confidence, warmth, kindness and caring that allows even the most skeptical of clients to trust and allow the healing to take place.  


So often we are our own worst enemy with the words we tell ourselves in our mind.  It's about getting out of our own way.   It's amazing how much more open my life feels now that I am getting out of my own way!


Can't recommend Lopa highly enough.  You can give yourself no greater gift."


"I have had the honor to spend some time with Lopa. Lopa's graceful energy is nonjudgemental and innately wise beyond her years. Where as many of us are caught up in the nitty gritty details of a situation, Lopa is able to clearly see the big picture.  She is an intuitive.  She is amazing in her perception of your situation and brilliant with positive affirmations needed to change your world. She passes the torch of inspiration to her client, so when they walk out of her office they feel well on the path to healing. Lopa is a hypnotherapist I would see time and time again!"


Video Testimonial from Nandi B.

1:1 Intuitive Hypnotherapy Client 

Part one: 

Part TWO: 

"I have had multiple sessions with Lopa and am so grateful to have found her. She immediately put me at ease with her compassionate nature and dedication to her craft. It's obvious she’s built for this. I learned so much about myself during the sessions, and even now look back and continue to gain insight.

I’ve walked away with tools I can use for the rest of my life and believe I now have the capacity to face any challenge. I am so much stronger.


See her, it’s worth it. She’s worth it, you’re worth it. I am worth it, and I am so thankful to be able to see that in myself now. Lopa, you are a gift."


"I saw Lopa to prepare for the delivery of my baby. I wanted to assuage some of the worries and fears I had about giving birth and caring for a newborn. I wanted to feel more capable throughout the process. I also wanted to envision the birth of my happy, healthy and smiling baby. I cannot tell you how well I was able to achieve all of my goals with Lopa’s support…!!! I highly recommend her services. 


At first I wasn't sure that it was possible to really access the subconscious mind.  Her explanation and the demonstration of the pendulum really convinced me that your subconscious mind is powerful and really strong. I trusted Lopa and the process from there on because of my new understanding.  And the work I did with Lopa fully showed me through my own experience that Hypnotherapy is possible and effective.  I focused on the affirmations, and I really felt a difference. Those negative thoughts did not come around to bother me any more. Some of those affirmations would just come into my mind automatically during the labor and delivery process. 


This was my first pregnancy.  And I had had some fears about whether or not we would be able to get to the hospital on time and about whether I would recognize the signs of labor. However, everything went EVEN better than planned, and nothing I had worried about was even a factor in my daughters birth! I was really surprised to feel this way. During the labor and delivery process, I experienced complete freedom from my previous worries and fears. Overall my comfort level was so high that I was able to push fully and successfully during my delivery without feeling any discomfort. I was totally surprised by this and did not know it was possible to give birth in this way; now my experience tells me otherwise and this is such a gift. I connected to my body so easily and naturally and even my doctors were surprised at my lack of pain sensation. 


There was a sense of ease and comfort that permeated all the activities I did in preparing for the birth, giving birth, and in taking care of my child. I felt confident that I had all the skills to do whatever I needed to do, whenever I needed to do it (just like we had talked about in my sessions!) I feel that I truly was successful in achieving my goals, and it’s still such a comforting feeling that to know that I was able to do this for me and my family.  

After the first hypnotherapy session with Lopa, I felt like my baby wanted to be heard and addressed in the hypnosis also, because in a way we were both doing the sessions together.  I felt so connected to my child and my intuition in that moment, as I shared the news that we were having a baby girl with Lopa in our second session; previously we had not informed anyone of the gender. This is a special memory for me because I realized how connected I was to both my child and to my divine inner voice at the same time. This experience strengthened my clarity in many ways. Through my work with Lopa, I also recognized how capable I was of focusing and connecting to my inner self through the power of self-hypnosis. I surprised myself completely, and I felt completely comfortable and safe with Lopa to discover these aspects within myself. She is really kind, patient and nurturing as a practitioner. I felt really safe and supported with her. 


If you are planning a pregnancy, I highly recommend seeing Lopa to do hypnotherapy sessions to support you in your goals, before and during pregnancy. No matter what stage you are in, it is my experience that hypnotherapy will help you tremendously in this special time of life. Your husband might even want to let go of some of his fears and worries!!! My family is so lucky to have her support. I have so much faith and trust in the fact that she gives her 100% and is dedicated for the sole purpose of helping you and supporting you. I can sense her positive intentions, and I highly recommend her if you are considering hypnotherapy. "

Saoirse & Charles  

"I did hypnotherapy for self-confidence and positivity. I was pregnant at that time, and I feel that because of hypnotherapy my C-section surgery also went smoothly. After the surgery, I had no constipation problem, no back pain problem and my stitches healed so well within 6 days. My gynecologist said my stitches healed twice as fast as other women. These are all side-effects of hypnosis because I just did it for my self-confidence and positivity. 


Lopa is my hypnotherapist and she is so powerful and positive. I am so grateful to work with her. Her office environment is so good and also the arrangements she created to support me. I did 6 sessions. Each session went smoothly with Lopa. She asked me two times before I started hypnotherapy, “Are you ready for hypnosis? Are you ready to change yourself?” She gives 100% to you. She helped me figure out what I needed to release and what I needed to develop. She supported me a lot with messages and voicemails, anytime I asked her a question regarding anything. 


Amazing thing is that from hypnotherapy, the change is permanent because it works with your subconscious mind. So from my personal experience I suggest to every pregnant woman to do hypnotherapy, because you are welcoming a brand new soul on the earth. And it is so important that you get to prepare for that. I am saying this because it is my personal experience from my first child and then my second child. I had a very hard time with my first child like mental stress, frustration, etc. and this time with my second one, everything went smoothly like breastfeeding, no stress, etc. because now I have that self-confidence to deal with every situation in my life. I felt so calm, relaxed, and confident every step of the way. And I was so surprised to see how confidently I can do anything now. 

Through hypnotherapy what I learned and experienced more deeply is that God is within me so I can do it. And the reason God gives you any situation in your life is to teach you something, so you get to look positively at any situation of life and learn. Before I was so negative, but Lopa always gave me a positive perspective, and now I have become even more positive. I am always thankful to God because he sent a person like Lopa into my life. She is the turning point of my life. 


So if you want to become more powerful, you want to heal something within you, I suggest to work with Lopa. Believe me. Your life will definitely change. I had a clogged milk-duct in my breast, and I asked Lopa about clearing this blockage. She gave me an audio for breast-feeding, and believe me…in one day the blockage was removed.


The self-hypnosis audios are so powerful and a game changer. The way she records the audios intuitively is so amazing; I feel that she is gifted by God. I am still listening to my audios. 

I also did the bonus Aura Soma soul therapy with her, with the liquid crystal and nature essence bottles. That’s your soul bottle and it’s also so amazing. If you want to improve yourself, do the Aura Soma color work with the bottles as well. I share all of this with you from my personal experience." 



Bhavi, mother of 2, age 29

“Lopa offers comfort, truth and techniques to help enhance your life. She has a way of completely and deeply empathizing with people, in a way that dives so deep it’s as if she’s been through that situation, too. It paves a pathway for you. It’s like she lives and breathes with you through that moment, and then skillfully and empathetically guides you to see your self clearly and guide you to your own unique path to move forward. Her work is so customized to who you are. Lopa is that support we all need and deserve in our lives. 

The colors method (pain dilution) Lopa shared with me during my second pregnancy was truly a game changer. Immediately I would feel relief in working through my Braxton Hicks contractions I had been having since month 5. The visualization Lopa taught me to create in my mind, quickly become a tool I could tap into whenever I felt pain and uncomfortability. There is a certain power in sending off your physical pain but from your mind and feeling it effectively disappear. I went on to use this same tool during my labor and delivery and found it to be extremely helpful then as well. Can’t recommend this method more or Lopa who so creatively helps you gain access to your mind, body and baby connection during this special time of pregnancy. 

Her sensitivity serves as a bridge, even to connect with children, giving mothers more of an insight into their own child’s mind and heart, allowing for more fluidity within a family. Lopa has an ability which helps transform your mind to take your pain and every other emotion on a journey toward self exploration and development. I cannot recommend her expertise in all things women and children, especially hypnotherapy in pregnancy, more!"

Love, Mom of three

"I am Beyooond excited to share this!! I was recently dealing with a health related issue that I couldn’t seem to resolve, so I sought out Lopa’s help.  She was able to easily and efficiently assist me; I followed her specific suggestions (created uniquely for me because everyone’s different) and I had massive results!!! Within days the issue was completely gone!! I can’t thank her enough and I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with her."


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