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Deep Transformational Work

If you are here, you are a spiritual revolutionary of this world.


You are a born leader. A part of you has ALWAYS known that you came to be someone, create something, do LIFE in a way that it has never been done before. You came here to be your own SOUL FORCE IN MOTION, and you are on Divine Mission. 


You answer a call much higher than the one of your own soul. You are here on cosmic mission. 


You see and feel a world that most will never see. Because of this, the journey can feel lonely at times. You are sacred ritual in motion. You co-create magic, miracles, and pure soul force power in tandem with Mother Earth herself. You hear her voice clear as day... reminding you to rise up into your divinity and sink down into your humanity.


You cultivate magic in your every breath, step, decision, and your power is so profound that you may have spent years running from it. It's time to stop and look inward and anchor your soul gifts SO DEEPLY that you become a walking, talking, potent light beam of expression.


May the jewel of your soul shine so bright that it lights up a thousand galaxies.

May the radiance of your aura sink so deep and profoundly into the heart strings of humanity that your presence leaves behind the lingering fragrance of a pure white rose.

May you be so profoundly yourself... that God remembers your name.

And may you be so one with the atoms of the pure Universe...

that people cannot differentiate between pure love and you. 

May you be seen in your power and visible only to the eye of God,

all at the same time. 

It is TIME for YOU to see you as you are, and start fashioning the jewel of your soul to shine at its highest octave. The radiance of your aura is DIVINE and it is worthy of being outfitted as such. 


 It is my honor to support you now in optimizing your energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical vitality & the consequent expansion of your destiny.

Together, we, amplify your gifts & anchor your genius. 

Welcome Potent Warrior Kings, Psychic Warrior Queens,

Legion Leaders of the Galaxy, Sacred Priestesses, Divine Oracles, Potent Healers,

Angels on Earth, Divine Warriors of God. 


This is your sanctuary and soul activation arena.

It is time to leave behind the chains of the past, trauma, fears, grief, lifetimes of pain, the roots of your ancestors that need to be alchemized, so that you can wear the gifts of your lineage with grace. This is generational healing on steroids with the power to anchor in peace, love, liberation, wealth, power, and divine purpose into your lineage with intense sustainability. 

This is the space where we flip bloodlines and initiate dynasties.

The activation, healing, transformation and power you will experience in this work will change you for a lifetime, and your past, current and future bloodlines will experience the echoes of this work for generations to come. Your relationships will change. Your family will change. Your children will receive the seeds of this transformation in the womb. The creativity, courage, and power with which you live your life will been seen and felt by the entirety of planet Earth, not to mention the furthest stars of the galaxy.


This work will amplify the visibility of your heart, and the sheer radiance of your soul truth that you came here to potently beam. You are a frequency beacon of God and it is time for you to know your true power and uncover the exact portals of your purpose, power, and prosperity. 

My clients have healed generational illnesses, crafted legendary new work in the world, seen themselves become a version of themselves they never even dreamed they could be, and established avenues for potent prosperity after a single metaphysical portal creation anchored at the right frequency at the right timing. When I see you, I can feel the vibrations of exactly where your Queen ship needs to be tightened up, which nails are the lynch pins to your power, and which soul truths of yours are coming to the surface NOW to be expanded into pure brilliance. 

I am a vibrational truth detector, and I can see where your highest octave of life lives.

If you are brave enough to uncover, activate, and step into your fullest power with courage... 

This work will lead you to co-create miracles with the universe at a level that the world has only read about in history books. 

You are that person. 

I believe in you. PROFOUNDLY. 

Together we will weave your destiny into existence. 

1:1 programs





RAdiant wisdom mentorship 











VIBHOOTI ~ DIVINITY EXPRESSED ~ 12 month trajectory ~

RAdiant wisdom mentorship 

This program is for rapid transformation, healing, & breakthroughs through a curated immersion into the focus of your choice.


This could be a problem or issue you're facing in a particular area, relationship, or facet of your life. Or it could be an area of expertise, innate gifts and inner wisdom that you'd like to enhance, amplify, and finesse. You will learn how to work through emotions that come up on a daily basis with ease and clarity, and free yourself from stagnation. This skill will serve you deeply as a human. 


The Immersion program is the way to get a taste of my 1:1 work that is beyond simply the hypnosis audios and DIY at-home sessions. It is powerful, curated, and and experience that will stay coded into your instinct for the rest of your life. Intuitive hypnotherapy with me changes the way you BE in the world. 

This program is twice the magnitude of Immersion, and contains the opportunity for powerful activation, integration and embodiment. Sustainable change is the name of the game here. This is both conscious & subconscious healing, learning to rewrite your life in real-time. 


This is for a full identity shift, quantum leap, and transformation in every direction connected to your specific goal. It spans the physical body, mental self-thoughts, emotional vibrations, energetic body and spiritual realms & connections. It's the entry-level program for any trauma related work, and optimization desires. What is possible here is healing relationships, inherited and generational patterns, cycles & programing, discovering and activating ancestral gifts. This is about addressing the connected layers holding you back from your fullest expression from a holistic and root level perspective. 


This is my signature work, that I feel would truly benefit every human on the planet. It's the foundational work for your life--every person who has done it so far has walked out a changed human reborn fully de-hypnotized from the cage they were living in previously. You will learn incredible tools to work through emotions, relationships, and physical pain anytime you want to use them. You become the powerful agent and healer of your own life. 

Having me in your corner as you navigate the shedding of past identities, timelines, and ways of being is a pure sanctuary of love, compassion & truth telling. This is a profoundly safe and healing space. You will be seen and held like none other. I celebrate you as the powerful, highly sensitive, exquisite, unrepeatable, whole, and healed once upon a universe event that you are. I am witness to your growth, expansion, and every emotional wingspan 

The Radiant Wisdom Mentorship is a monthly continuation of intuitive hypnotherapy and 1:1 mentorship and support from me in a private intimate container. It's only offered and available to the clients who have done any one of my above foundational programs immediately after the completion of that program as an extension. 

This is the deeply loving and nurturing support to have a guide and powerful hypnotherapist in your corner for anything that comes up each month that you desire healing, resolution or peace of mind about. It's also the opportunity to encode into your subconscious every amplification of your gifts, and next-level that you rise to, to hold you in higher resonance with your achieved expansion. New discovered truths and chosen patterns get to be sustainable.


There is a joy and a deeper level of transformation available when we completely trust and allow ourselves to be held, and every human is worthy of that opportunity especially with a trusted guide that they have already built rapport and connection with. This is that ongoing opportunity, for however long you desire it. It is my honor to witness you fly, and anchor profound faith and trust in your ability to be the next most free version of you. 

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