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Breathe in a full breath,

and exhale slowly... 

You are here now. 
I welcome you.  




...from what is holding you back, in any arena of your life.

Fashioned in sanctuary of trust, compassion,

love, support and, woven of the highest frequencies of light, love and consciousness.  

If this is what you desire, you're in the right place. 

Hip Hop Artist

Hypnotherapy a powerful tool to activate your innate wisdom, confidence, connection, pure health, and connect your instincts to the amplification you desire. You can apply this powerful modality to any area or aspect of your life. 



Decision Making.


Better Communication.

Trusting Yourself.

Spiritual Connection.

Personal Power.

Healing Self-Thoughts.



Emotional Resilience.


Healing Vibrations.

Patterns of Behavior. 

Chronic Stress.

Leadership Qualities.


Heightening Clairvoyance.


Trusting Your Body.


Addressing Trauma.

Courage To Be You.

Artistic Inspiration. 

Feeling Free To Express.

Ease & Flow.

Divine Love & Experience.

Chakra Alignment.

Personal Transformation.

Intuitive hypnotherapy with me is about

enhancing your gifts,

grounding your power,


cultivating pure freedom

in whichever direction you desire.  

It can even help you recognize and anchor your gifts that you may not remember. From this life, past lives, and any moments in time where you had or desired an innate skill in yourself that you'd like to amplify and expand into your life now. 

Hip Hop Artist

The past gets to be over.  

You are NOW free. 

And your future, is your choice,

allow it to unfold... 

Hip Hop Artist

Interested in working with me? Click below for1:1 Intuitive Hypnotherapy work. I look forward to connecting with you and seeing if we are an aligned fit! Please read the description on that page in full. 


You will be led to a 10 question questionnaire once you book a call, so that I can prepare for us. I have 2 spaces open for 1:1 work right now and a high level alignment is a sacred priority in this work, for both of our benefit. 

I cannot wait to begin this work with you that will lead a lifetime of legacy level sacred healing, expansion and transformation not only for you---but for every life that you touch here after, past, present, and future. 

Hip Hop Artist


-Finding the wisdom behind past wounds.

-Creating the instinct of relaxation, confidence, peace, resiliency.

-Activating your connection to the highest version of you, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually.

-Re-membering your unique soul frequency that is here to grace this planet.  


-Weaving all your gifts, desires, truths, and innate abilities, into the energetic field of your entire being--both conscious and subconscious, all your chakras, and your integrated higher selves, the highest frequency of love, light and divinity. 

-Connecting all this to your breath, your being, your instinct. This is the re-writing, re-coding, and re-designing of your entire neural network on the level of energy body. 

-Teaching your mind a new way to think, your heart a new way to feel, your energy a new way to expand, your spirituality a trusted way to connect, your body a new way to trust and be whole... all of this on the deepest level of you, to create sustainable, permanent, profound innate transformation.

-Integration is the art of sustenance--this is not short-term, temporary change. This requires your commitment to being all-in, on all of you, conscious & subconscious. You're here for it. 


Embodiment is when you become who you are and desire to be, 100% of the time.


it takes 30-90 days to build a permanent change in instincts, behaviors, pattern and vibration.


Each of my in-depth 1:1 programs is designed around this principle of embodiment.

You have things to do. New EARTH awaits your expansion. We don't have time for fleeting change here. We are going to lock it into your subconscious, 100%. You are going to honor your fullest self-expression like never before. 


Are you ready FOR IT? 


Virtual  sessions ONLY

Sanctuary Time Zone



Lopa N. Visaveliya


Divine Psychic Channel, Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Multi-Dimensional Healer 

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