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Energetic Boundaries

Energetic Boundaries

I have things to say about energetic hygiene and energetic boundaries—not physical boundaries.

Here’s some ground rules.

1. Your body, your life, your soul= your decisions. No one else gets to make them for you

This also means: Don’t attempt to make other people's decisions for them.

Be an observer.

2. Your body, mind, soul and energetic frequency came here for a specific experience.

Honor that.

In the valleys and the mountains.

Be connected and sovereign in your own energy body and pillar of light.

You are a divine being on a mission from the Divine.

3. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

Just because you can see the truth, doesn't mean you should say it.

Just because you can see the illusion, doesn’t mean it’s your job to unfold it or teach it or get in the way of another soul journey.

You share your insights with PERMISSION, consent and a two-way committed relationship of mentoring, coaching, intuitive soul guidance.

4. No unsolicited healing or energy work.

Just because you have the ability to recode the whole room, relationship, and dynamic energetically doesn’t mean you should.

It’s just not your job.

No one said to be an unsolicited healer.

That's a lack of energetic boundaries and it’s exactly where all your precious energy is leaking too.

Keep you inside you.

You are a single soul frequency.

5. No unsolicited truth telling.

If someone ASKS you what you think, by all means, speak, say, be. IF it falls within your sovereignty and boundaries to do so.

Just because you’re an epic seer, truth teller and master of your craft, doesn’t mean it’s your job to point out the truth or answer people's questions in the DM.

You get paid for your expertise. Honor that.

In public? I only speak up in cases of imminent psychological and physical harm, not potential risk. Because I trust people to make their own decisions.

EX: obviously I’ve run out into the street to protect a child from cars, or seen that someone put their child carrier under a precarious ledge…but that's sort of it.

6. A perfect place for unsolicited truth telling?

Your stories, your posts, your email list, your blog, your voice, your life, your decisions.


And make zero apologies.

I mean it.

Decimate the frequency of doubt in your energy body. Do it.

Right now.

Your magnetism leaks from self doubt frequencies.

The Winter Solstice Live Group is focused on this. Get in there to amplify your self-trust on an instinctive level.

Remember the power you wield if you walk in pure self-trust and ask yourself if you want more of that.

7. I see people not being themselves.

I see people leaking their energy.

And I love you, and me and these people.

And I want us all to know:

It is safe to stand in your truth.

It is profoundly safe, and until we do and stop stepping into roles that aren’t ours to begin with (such as the soothe-sayer, the fixer, the peace-maker, the unsolicited healer, the unsolicited truth teller) everything and everyone else cannot click into place.

They may be ready for transformation on their OWN capacity, but you’re not holding your ground and owning your power. And sister…You were BORN to hold your ground and your own power.

Watch how powerfully the world shifts when you do you without self-judgement.





8. You are of value, high demand, and profound radiance, compassion and beauty.

Stop giving away your precious energy, consciousness juice, and truth telling abilities for free to those who are just feeding off of them.

A. That’s not you in your power.

B. You doing that is exactly what is stopping them from rising into theirs.

9. Ask better questions IN RESPONSE.

“Oh that’s interesting. Could you rephrase the question for me so I can answer?”

“Thank you for asking. Curious as to what you’re going to do with that answer?”

“Why do you need this information?”

“That’s a great question. Thank you. Have a great day.” And move on.

Sometimes silence is the answer.

10. Learn to have a non-response for things that are NONE of other people’s business.

“Oh you’re wondering when I’m going to have children? That’s between me and my husband and God. You are not invited to the conversation.”

“That’s a personal question. I don’t share my personal decisions with others.”

You have a right to privacy.

The reason we do this is because sometimes the only reason people ask something is for their own benefit. It makes THEM feel better to know the answer from us. It makes them feel more comfortable about their own decisions.

-----Sorry. I’m not getting in the way of you and your relationship with your inner voice and intuition. Me answering this question is not of benefit to you, therefore I’m not answering it.----

But the thing is: you are not obligated to EXPLAIN the above. You simply say “That’s an interesting question. How’s my answer relevant to the decision that has already been made?”




Let’s have a BRILLIANT DAY.

11. I invite you to stand squarely in your power, unapologetically. I love you way too much to invite you to any other arena. I know in my bones how powerful you are.

Your breath and the sparkle in your eyes changes the Aura of Planet Earth.

You are a JEWEL of GOD.

Act like the massive RUBY of TRUTH you are.


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