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You're here to do it YOUR way.

I used to be a Preschool Teacher. Now I am a Divine Seer.

As a Divine Seer

— I see the soul level truth about humans, and help them weave it into their INNATE subconscious DNA level existence and achieve the transformations they deeply desire, and walk with exponential power, purpose, magnetic bandwidth, and confidence. ✨💎🔥

In some ways, I am EXACTLY who I used to be.

And in some ways, I live in an alternate dimension now…

Every day, I am more me, than I have ever been before. 🔥

SO let’s look at side-view of who I am.

💎One thing that defines me as a teacher?💎

I, want to nurture (some may call it “produce”) Michelangelo, Galileo, Swami Vivekanand, and Marie Curie in the SAME classroom — I don’t do “special education” or “enrichment classes.”

⚡️💎YOU’RE A GOLD MINE of cosmic existence, from the moment of your birth.

⚡️You get to have a seat at the table, no matter how different you are.

✨I DON’T want to produce robots, cogs in a machine that all work the same way, and “reliable” humans.

🍃YOU ARE NOT A MACHINE. You’re a human being. Please don’t be reliable all the time. I want to see your human-ness ooze.

🍃💎✨And, I think it’s because I wasn’t interested in producing robots, AND I wanted to spend the time, money, energy and resources all into supporting each child in my class to achieve their individual best… that I ended up choosing to leave the school system.

🍃Because… we all (me & the current school system) just don’t jive…….

You want to give children a score for the day: Red, Yellow, or Green. 🚦

(And yes that means exactly what you think it does…. a child is being forced to learn that they are only one of 3 options every day: Bad, Not Good Enough or Good.) 🚦🚦🚦❌

And have them line up to show which color they achieved that day, as a public shaming exercise.

(……AND WE WONDER WHY SO MANY HUMANS ON THE PLANET …. innately feel like they’re not good enough, and never will be? Have you considered THE SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING YOU ARE RECEIVING AS A CHILD? Once you start seeing your child’s first 13 years of life as one long giant hypnosis session… then you will realize…. this all didn’t come from no where. And you may choose to make new decisions as an adult or a parent.)

The schools want to give a 3 option “grade” to your character, Red, Yellow & Green.

And I.

I. Just want to walk with children through the forest, talk to the tree, and describe each and every color I see in their heart of hearts, and if there are any painters in the array, we will paint, and glue, and create to our hearts content, and I won’t be providing any assessment of their work. I’m going to be PULLING OUT their power, their genius, and giving it a stage. ✨💎🍃⚜️

Over and over and over again. I want to write letters to the trees, to each child, and for us to write to each other, in the language of words, drawings, and pieces of crumpled up paper. 🍃💎✨

You would be surprised at the love that is felt when a child drops a single piece of crumpled up hot pink paper into your teacher mailbox with their stamp on it, and you receive it at the end of the day and are a pile of tears because it was a gift from their heart to yours and you know it.


(And now I’m crying. 😭😭😭Those crumpled pieces of paper have sometimes meant more to me than a long-written letter from an adult with ZERO SOUL OR HEART to be felt, because the adult writing the letter didn’t mean it, and the child did. One was an act of compliance and one was an act of love. Energy matters. ✨⚡️🍃)

Pure authentic being. BEING in connection.

This is the world I choose, the classroom I curate, the connections that matter to me.

And I promise you. From my classrooms… people like Michelangelo, Galileo, Swami Vivekananda, Socrates and Marie Curie, can be born.




Because they all had the courage to be themselves in a world, that would have preferred to regulate them instead. 🔥 READ THAT AGAIN.

My world is not a classroom anymore.

It is an arena of transformation, personal power, and profound healing.

And in this arena, all of you is welcome. Your emotions. Your pain. Your truth. Your SELF HONOR.


The alchemical work we do on the inside, will leave you touched by Divine Love forever more.

So whoever you are dear one, act as the Artist and Genius that you are born to be on this planet.

There is only one of you, and there only ever will be one of you, and you get to rest easy in that.

You are you.

And that is why you are enough.

You are so deeply loved, held, and seen in this world. In fact, you were created to be EXACTLY who you are. So it’s time to love yourself close. No one could possibly do a better job at being you, than you yourself.

You’re the highest authority on you.

You are deeply loved, loving, and lovable.

Your authenticity, MATTERS.

It may not be welcome on every stage. But that is okay.

You will build your own. AND. You will be invited to, quite frankly, MANY.

Because your Soul Sisters ARE HERE. We see you.

And we would be honored to walk with you, body, mind and soul.



P.S. want to taste this work?

If you're looking for the physical replica of this arena in my world, it's called Daughters of Earth. 🐉


We begin this journey from now until August 2023 in full, THIS THURSDAY.

And today is the last day to enter the first session which takes place on the Autumnal Equinox. The entry for this space is $777 which means you'll get to attend ALL 6 upcoming sessions - either live, or receive distance healing. This is an energetic activation as well as live facilitated sessions, so there is no refund. ⚡️🐉✨💎⚜️ Here is the Link.

May the magic land, deep, and expansive to your entire souls being. You are a Psychic Warrior Queen on this planet, and your time is now. 🔮✨🐍

If you'd like to join only the Autumnal Equinox, the link is in the bio for the single session (registration closes tonight).

I would be so honored to walk with you and welcome you into this space.


Imagine leaving this session feeling deeply clear on decisions you need to make, powerfully held and grounded into Mother Earth, and peaceful in the way that you carry yourself with confidence.

💎You get to choose your life in Peace.

💎You get to TRUST your instincts.

💎It's all right here for you now.

$144 Here's the Link.



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