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Love Letter for the Holidays

This is for your inner little girl.


The one who didn't celebrate too big, in case it was the last time.

The one who stuffed her feelings inside, even though she didn't want another bite.

The one who didn't speak her mind, in case someone disagreed.

The one who didn't decorate her room, in case it was prettier than her reflection.

The one who sat inside her car gathering courage, before stepping inside the holiday zone.

This is for you my love.

You are worthy of every bit of joy, peace, harmony, and pure goodness that this season is said to be about.

And for that you get to choose your peace, over and over and over again.

Your gifts and talents in managing a room, a crowd full of people, an entire kitchen, an entire minefield of emotions, that chess game ended--it's packed away in the attic and the pieces have been repurposed.

✨Whether you are hosting or you are invited or you are staying home, love yourself just as much as you love others.

🕊Sacrifices matter. So don't steal your joy and put it under the Christmas Tree. You think the person opening the present is happier for it, but you know you lied. To yourself. To your heart. 🤍To your soul.


You know you only did it to keep the peace and placate the room.

🌙So for this season, I call forth your Inner White Lionness.

You are a 𝓹𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓪 𝓵𝓮𝓸𝓷.

Walk with regal pride in your heart.

✨You do not lie to yourself.

✨You are not the main course meal.

✨Your vessel is not a dish rag for the emotions of others.

✨You are the officiant and protagonist of your life.

Not everyone needs to know your truth or understand you.

Remember who you are and keep your heart cradled in joy.

🤍The permission to be your authentic self is granted by your Soul.

I see You. You valuing you. You loving you. Your love for your self, matters.

✨🕊CONTINUED below:::::::::

You are bold. You are courageous. Who you are is BRILLIANTLY STRONG. You have been, since the day you were born. Time to look in the mirror and straighten your spine sister. Lionesses speak with their energy and their words.

If you’re looking for sacred support to birth your Inner Lionness Queen, who slays her own darkness, and weaves her own metamorphasis, and is gentle and soft enough to recieve the sacred loving support of an aligned relationship, community, and peaceful life experience.. I am your Dream Weaver, Trusted Guide, and Anointed Soul Sister. My work is for you.

This is for the woman who is done IMAGINING the life she wishes to life, and ready to START blazing that trail like the Phoenix she knows she is. Imagine doing, what you dream of. Now that you know what peace you desire in your soul, and exactly what you want it to look like.. it’s time to create it from within. You get to lay the foundation for the most magnificent white Christmas you’ve ever seen. Imagine how you’ll feel looking outside the window then, when your heart is in a sanctuary of peace, and your confidence is blooming again at full strength.

Msg me to step into my subconcious frequency suites, magical Aura Soma work, and deeply intimate 1:1 programs.

Some jewels are linked in my bio. Message me at

I love you.

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