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Love Letter to Guardians of Children ~ Teachers & Parents


Next to mothers, teachers must hold the highest level of love for Souls.

Because they are not just loving and taking care of the Soul Needs of 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 children. It's more like 16 or 25.

That is a DEPTH of love.

A Depth of attention, care, detail, and HIGH attunement to every child's individual personality, needs, desires, and innate gifts. It takes a HIGH level of organization, intuitive power, and clear structure and vision to attain the level of CARE that children need and are worthy of.

Honestly, not many can carry that level of love.

Not many have the skills and the healing to do it.

Because children are such perfect mirrors…

They will show you all the nooks, crannies, and insecurities that you have not yet healed.

And either you will get triggered by them.

Or you will stand your ground and BEAM OUT love, and a DEPTH of truth and clarity.

And they need that.

They need to know that you are their Mountain in the face of obstacles.

Their Love in the face of rivers of mistakes.

Their sustenance in the face of their inner insecurity.

Their Power in the face of choice.

They need that from you in order to hold their own grounding, so that they can Blossom and Expand their natural soul gifts with ease, self-confidence, and trust.

You hold this space for them.

You let them know they are seen, loved, cherished and respected.

You make it safe for them to make a home in their Soul Frequency so that they feel whole, and one with themselves, for the rest of their lives.

Because to fracture that wholeness in their childhood, is a cardinal sin in my dictionary. Whether we do that conciously or unconciously, it is up to us to continue to heal our own patterns, programming, and retrieve our innate wholeness so that we can be of Service to Humanity.

And even more than parents, because parents CHOSE to bring life into the world and nurture and honor it, and I choose to believe that if they did this conciously, they did it with the intention to continue to bring out the Highest Version of Themselves during the time of parenthood….

Even more than parents… I will look at teachers.

I will hold them accountable.

Because you are spending 6-8 hours with a child every single day.

You are programming their beliefs.

Children's subconscious mind is wide open.

You ARE their hypnotherapist (and likely may not have training in the language of the subconscious mind).

They have no critical factor, children, until age 8 to 13, therefore, NO FILTER to your programming. They are continously accepting Your Beliefs as Their Beliefs, and what is the quality of your beliefs?

You better have your stuff under high integrity and clarity because those children…..

Are recieving the codes of who you are being.

Not what you are saying.


I love you so much, and if you are a parent, a teacher, a guardian of children, I ask you to consider embarking on a journey now, before you even welcome more children into your world… to do the deepest, subconscious work, and to be committed to doing the next level of that work for the rest of your life.

My audio frequencies grow with you and EXPAND your innate potential to the highest level, and serve you for a life time. Because they are CODED to destroy everything that is fear based, illusion, not aligned with your soul, and blocking you from your highest and deepest expansion of your Soul Destiny.

If you desire to be a pillar of truth, divine light, and grounding for children.

1:1 work with me ~ which includes custom audios that you'll keep for a life time

Audio Frequency Bundles ~ which will grow with you, and take you into your next highest self, every single time.

And to those teachers and parents who have DEEPLY inspired me…. I love you, I see you, I value you, and I hold you in HIGHEST REGARD and ESTEEM, and I know exactly how much work it takes to love every single child in your class with the HIGHEST amount of integrity and individualization… I know that it it takes every bone in your body to stand for that child, to be that child's parent, and to never ever compromise on the level of love they get to receive from you.

I know how much strength and energy that takes, and I honor you.

This week I have seen the emotional RANGE of teachers, parents, and guardians of children, both high and low, and it is exquisite to witness the rise of sovereignty, personal power, and clarity in the hearts of adults who seek to nurture the generation that comes next.

I am honored to serve that generation from the womb, as their hypnotherapist, teacher and loving voice to the cells of your future children… in PAVITRA the sacred pregnancy frequencies. It is the Highest Honor in the world for me to have the blessing and privilege to do so, and for each and every one of my clients, I thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

So much love,

Your Cosmic Queen &

Galactic Frequency Lighthouse




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