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Your Vibration Matters

Your feeling, which is your vibration, toward something matters. It matters how you feel about it. Whether or not you say something about it, to yourself, others or the world, your vibration still MATTERS. If it's not a good one, it deserves to be transformed, evolved, reactivated into something that uplifts. If it is a good one, it deserves to be magnified, amplified, and filled into every crevasse of your being.

Here’s the thing. There is a time of our life when we are not able to control, the vibrations we receive. We don’t have the filter, of our critical factor, of our conscious mind, to leave out the vibrations that don’t serve our inner wisdom, and inner highest purpose. That time is gestation, infancy, childhood, until the age of 8 or 13. During that time, children deserve safety, protection, guidance and SUPPORT of the highest quality.

We are now entering a time on Earth--in fact we are already there--that may not be great for those children, because their mothers are stripped of the emotional support, vibration of encouragement, and feeling of safety just as soon as they enter the phase of giving birth to their dear child. This is especially the case if they are heading to a hospital, to hold space for this profound moment of life. My words here today, are not a conversation about WHY this is happening—that’s for science, politics, and the human belief system to address. I’m focused on the mothers, their children, and the vibrations. Because I believe this is all an OPPORTUNITY, for us to shift our society into a new direction—from powerless, to powerful.

Children have no filter. They absorb what we give them. If they are resilient, which many are, they will deflect the dark with their armor of light. If they are kind and caring, which many are, they will absorb your pain and attempt to take care of you, for the rest of their lives, or until they awaken to this decision of their's and reverse it in a healthy way. If they are intelligent and sensitive, which many are, they may FEEL your pain, worry, stress, fear, and lack of control in their very being, and decide that there is something wrong with them that their arrival is causing so much visceral chaos…they decide there is something innately wrong with them. This is not to say that children don’t decide MANY great, positive, amazing things about themselves either; they do that, too. (Have you seen your child lately? Children are like daisies, popping up in the snow—resilient, powerful, joyful, and ALIVE to the core.)

But when the dominant thought surrounding them is negative, the mind is programmed to reflect that dominant negative thought. This will always be true: your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and results are ALWAYS a reflection of your dominant subconscious thought. So the dominant subconscious thought held in the mothers & child’s energetic field, MATTERS. It matters so much. It directly affects the child’s thoughts.

Mothers, this is not to make you feel criticized or questioned for your feelings during pregnancy, and the birth of your child, and beyond. It is to tell you, that SO THAT you do NOT feel like you are hanging by a thread, that you are alone, that it is not possible, and that the world is not safe… you deserve emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and environmental support.

I’m saying this because I want people to know, what happens when people are not given the support they are worthy of and fully deserve: The child is not supported in this. The mother is not supported in this. The family is not supported. And all of this leads to negative vibrations, held, in the body, that need to be transformed, evolved, and birthed into the healing message of vitality at some point, which is the true reflection of our inner wisdom, in order to realign to better health on all levels.

Dear mothers, you also deserve tools to support yourself and sustain your desired positive thoughts, emotions and behaviors through challenges. You deserve the opportunity to connect to your inner wisdom, and find strength, resilience and peace within yourself, ESPECIALLY when the world is telling you it’s not “possible.” This is when you need your inner resources the most.

Why does someone else get to decide what is possible for YOU? It’s your life. You decide. You decide what you want to make possible. You decide what environment you want to give your child. You decide what you’re going to do to support and SUSTAIN that environment. You decide what type of energy you want to be around. You decide. You decide. YOU DECIDE. This also means you get to decide how you respond to situations that happen in an unexpected way. Just because the world can be unpredictable, DOESN'T MEAN you don’t get to decide how you WANT it to be. Desires are allowed! Most times, things happen BETTER than expected when we allow ourselves to desire a new possibility with feeling and intention.

I’m not advocating for magic—it’s simply the power of decision. If everything were magic, we’d all be singing lullabies and rocking our children to sleep on clouds of cotton candy, singing in the rain. I am NOT talking about something supernatural, unreal, or abstract here at all.

I’m saying, this is the time to own your own power, because you have it. You are guided by generations of women, their emotional memories within you, supporting you, guiding you, reminding you: you know exactly how to do this. You are powerful. You are capable. You are massively supported by the Universe. And one of the biggest reasons all this is true, in relation to pregnancy?

You don’t “give” birth to a child. A child is born.

A woman, a powerful woman is impregnated with light, and love resound enough to cocoon another living being, with a personality, power, and life, all its own. How are you NOT the most powerful being in that moment, nourishing another, to be born within you…? I want you to think about this for a minute. There is power in you. Powerful people, empower others.

You are powerful.

Note from me:

If you desire the support of Clinical Hypnotherapy to support you in your journey as a mother, in any way, please, please do not hesitate to reach out. It has been on my mind, since the moment this situation started unfolding: what about the mothers, what about the children, what about the vibrations we are imprinting that might last a lifetime if left unchecked.. Clinical Hypnosis has been shown to support more comfort, ease, confidence, stamina, relaxation, and a feeling of control for women in any phase of pregnancy, from conception to postpartum. For any human, hypnosis is a natural state of mind, that reactivates and strengthens the immune system and the parasympathetic response. The more you practice self-hypnosis, the more your body stays grounded, relaxed and at ease ALL THE TIME, and WITHOUT you having to consciously decide to be relaxed. It becomes your instinct. (Attend one of our free intro classes if you want to learn more about this.)

You deserve this peace of mind. Deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth. I want you to have this peace, because it is YOURS. Empowerment, is so essential. Your power is your own. You get to take it back, now.

My area of expertise is: Education, Children, & the Subconscious Mind. It is literally my job to support families to create sustainably healthy families at the level of mind, body, and energy. When you have those three aligned, the environment, behaviors, and results just flow, like a pure fresh stream of joy. Call me if I can support you.

Love & Strength,


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More content on this topic to come!



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